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A BABY!!!!
Because we are as ready as we can be! Ok, there are a few things I still want to get done in the room, but really, we are practically finished! I can't beleive we only have 4 weeks or so left. I went to the doctor on Friday last week and we discussed induction! He mentioned the 26th, but I'm still selfish and do NOT want to share my birthday possibly (the 27th) so I nixed that! Even though I measured about a week ahead, I'm confident that I will hold out until the very end of August and hopefully the first of September! So, we decided to wait and see how my body is progressing and after he checks me in the next few weeks we will come up with a date of JUST IN CASE! It is looking to be September 1st. MY doctor is on call that day so it would be wonderful, but I am not worried about having this baby during the week, its the weekends I am a little concerned about. Considering that my office is teaming up with the other practice in the hospital and they are sharing on call weekends. So, instead of the three doctors in my practice taking every third weekend, they will have every seventh. Sounds great in theory except I am picky and don't want the other doctors...I want my 3! So there is some aprehension in that, but maybe the baby will just come on its own M-F!!! I can only hope! I do want to have a natural labor if possible, because I've been through induction and its not my fave, but I'll do whatever to ensure I get a good doctor and be home before LH starts school!!! Priorities!
Also, Mom is planning on coming up on the 29th, so I really can't have this baby before that. I also would like the extra few days at work...I already have my FMLA planned and such. This baby better realize that I make plans and it needs to learn to follow them! =) Hubby is reading this right now and just shaking his head! He's certain I'll be in labor on my birthday! I might shoot him if that happens because it would be ALL his fault!

Added some wall hooks, tie backs on the curtain and Hubby painted the changing table
The bookshelves I put together over the weekend (that was a funny site), baskets from TJ Maxx and the board books from LH...he was less than thrilled I was taking them though!

The only "set" of drawers we have but they will suffice. We have lots of storage space with the closets and baskets. I hung the signs I have had for years in here..I thought appropriate. They are "Believe", "Hugs", "Kisses", "Enjoy", and "Inspire". Glad I found a new home for them!

Very proud of my shelves!
Hubby did great....painted this old chest black, got some new hardware and baskets add some "storage"! Thank goodness for the drawer - it has the diaper necessities! We couldn't find a shelf deep enough for the space above it! Oh well, this works perfect!

Great Job Hubby!

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Tiffany and Jamie said...

Yep, you are for sure going to have this little baby on the 27th! It seems the most appropriate! Haha... And I really like the nursery. You guys did a good job.