Best Gift Ever

Tomorrow my house is getting a good cleaning and I'm NOT doing it!!! I am so excited. I have friend that cleans houses and I called her to see if I could get a once over before the baby comes. She said she would love to fit me in and as a GIFT!!! She is awesome.
I've said before I am not the best housekeeper. I keep up, barely! My house isn'tfilthy dirty, but its not deep cleaned every week either. This will be wonderful. She will do floors, baseboards, and give the bathrooms and nice sparkle!
I wished it was a little closer to the baby's arrival but I'll take what I can get. She already does one house this Saturday and offered to come afterwards. It actually works out pretty well as we'll be gone all afternoon. We will just have to make sure we keep it up for the next few weeks until baby! I'm just so happy that I'm not doing all the nitty gritty cleaning...have I mentioned that?? Hehe! She said she'd even change sheets!!! Woah!
I am just not used to this. I have plenty of friends that get someone to clean monthly or biweekly, but not me. Maybe that will be one thing I indulge in after baby with all that money I'm saving in daycare costs!!! hmmm, something to ponder.
Until then, I'll be greatful for wonderful friends and their generosity.
Now, off to "pre clean"!! I just want to make sure she's not spending all he time moving random stuff just so she can really clean! Hubby thinks I'm crazy for that one, but he'll be happy tomorrow when its all spic and span!

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