I love a good deal

I've always loved finding a great deal! It might be on simple household items, dining, or even a really big ticket item like an appliance. Hubby used to say I would spend I've added a link to my sidebar to Money Saving Mom. She does a lot of the research for me so I don't have to spend time doing it myself, but still get to save all the money!

Times are tough right now, for everyone! I love to cook and we eat at home 90% of all our meals. Its a treat for us to go out and when we do, we frequent somewhere fairly casual and family friendly (interpretation: fairly inexpensive). Money saving mom has an awesome coupon for TGIFridays right now. Buy One Get One Free entrees. You must use it by March 1st, and cannot be used this Saturday (Valentine's Day in case you live in a different world). I just love one night of someone else cooking for me and cleaning up my mess (well, Hubby usually cleans the mess, but still!)

Another great deal I stumbled upon is 2 meals for $12.99 at Logan's Road House on Mondays and Tuesdays - ALL DAY! AND bonus, kids eat for $2.00!!! Can't beat that.

So, one more thing. If you aren't into cutting actual coupons from your Sunday paper ads, then try this to download electronic ones right to your store discount card. Fun stuff. NOTE: You can double up if you have a paper coupon AND electronic one for the same product.

Start Saving!!!


JR911 said...

Electronic coupons can be a pain in the buttocks depending on what store you go to, what cashier is working, and what mood she's in. Some places won't take them AT ALL, some will take only one, others fall somewhere in between.

Hokie Girl said...

nice to know.....I haven't had a problem yet....I only use them at Kroger. Is is a store specifically that you've had an issue?

JR911 said...

Several stores....I have been hassled at Kroger here in town before, but they usually are ok. CVS on Main St here in town has just become picky and Walgreens frowns on them too but will usually take them. Most won't key in the coupon if it won't scan for some reason, thinking maybe you made the coupon on your pc and the bar coding didn't go as expected. I guess there are people who do that sort of thing alot, but we all end up paying for it. :o(