What will you give up?? or set a goal to accomplish?

IF you celebrate Lent, then what will it be? We do, so every year, I try something harder.
I've been thinking of this for a few weeks now and trying to decide what I will go without for the weeks of Lent season. I've come to a conclusion.....


Now, as some of you know, this will be quite a task!!! I love my adult juice! A LOT!!! So, I figured this would be a true testiment to my faith and willingness to do without. I have done chocolate, caffiene, all sweets, fast food, etc in the past. I've also done things such as not biting my nails or not cussing! Well, all of those were just fine, but none have been as hard to get through as I imagine this time will be. I'm starting to sound like an alcoholic! Well, it will be difficult. I love a cold beer out with friends or a glass of wine and a bath to wind down, so I guess we'll see!

The other component I'm adding in, is to committ to exercising 5 times a week. I'm on a good schedule now at 3-4, but would like to intensify it if I can manage.

It starts on the 25th (Ash Wendnesday) and goes through Easter!!! I pray I can make it!


JR911 said...

I think that is a GREAT goal. You'll save money, be more in tune with GOD, and have the satisfaction of knowing you can ditch the one thing that is the hardest for you. See Phil 4:6 (it's my motto)!

Emily said...

You can do it!! I'll pray that your faith will grow as you trust God during this time. I always love Lent...I learn so much about who I am in Christ.

OurFamily said...

I'm actually going both way... I'm giving up chocolate and am going to start eating fruit every day. I am a serious fruit-hater, but I need to be healthier! (at least that's what I'm told!!)

Lauren said...

Girlfriend!!! You are a WAY better person than me! :) I have no idea what I am going to give up yet!

Miss you!