Fins and a Cap

These are two of my new favorite things. Swim Cap and Fins! I'm like a fish! Loving some swim workouts this week. I'm even considering joining the local swim team for the summer!! Hmmm...we'll see!

So, I've always loved the water. Loved to swim. I've utilized the YMCA pool on occassion for some laps, but never really done much else. Well, I was in for a shocker earlier this week. I met one of my friends, who is the Y's swim team coach, and she gave me a workout that I'm still recovering from! I thought I would hate to disappoint her on Tuesday, so I went on Monday for a few, ahem, 20 laps! I was so proud of myself. Until the next morning when I had lower back pain and soreness in muscles I forgot I even had!

Since my knee surgery back in the high school days, I've had issues with the breast stroke kick. SO, she gave me the idea to do the stroke but use a freestyle or butterfly kick with it. Its great, but it really gives my lower back a workout! Too bad it can't go lower and work off some of my arse!!

So, we met for about 45 mins and I was worn out. She had me doing butterfly!!!! Um, yeah, I'm not gliding quite yet, but I'm definitely learning. I never in a gazillion years thought I would ever swim the butterfly, but it really isn't as hard as you think if you do it in stages!! We also did kicking sprints, and lots of laps with different combo strokes!!

I coerced her to meeting me today for another workout and she proceeded to teach me how to "start" a backstroke. Ya know, since I was gonna have to know for the summer league. Well, wouldn't you know that I went and did myself a back flip!!! I jumped back and before I thought to straighten out and do my little dolphin kicking thing, I saw the bottom of the pool and I was up and out of the water again!!! I just had to stop and laugh at myself! Needless to say, I'll have to work on that!

Now that I'm all Michael Phelpsish, without the bong attached to my face of course, I am going to have to do some shopping for a cute pink swim cap! I do know that they make those, however, they do NOT make pink fins. Oh yea, I came right home and googled it. They do come in a variety of cute colors so I'll have to see what I can find! I might have to look for a new swimsuit as well, but that's just something that will be depressing!!! Yuck!!!

The fins are my new best friends in the water! I obviously can't use them in competition, but they are NICE when you just need a little break from working so hard in practice. AND they've been very useful for working on my butterfly kick!

Well, off to shower....I still smell like chlorine!

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JR911 said...

You are INSANE! 20 laps would physically kill me right then and there. Man...you even took a shot at Michael Phelps...ouch!!!!

I think you'll be HOT in yoru pink swim cap and fancy fins!