Decisions, Decisions!

I have to make a decision, TODAY about what I'm going to give up or take on for Lent! I know in an earlier post, I mentioned giving up alcohol, but the thing is, I can't even tell you the last time I had a sip! SO, if it wasn't that hard to give up without even trying, then I really should reconsider! I have a few thoughts, but haven't made a final decision.

1 - ONE cup of coffee per day! That's it, no more! THIS includes NO afternoon soft drinks or caffienated beverages. I have pretty much cut out sodas anyway, but I'm a coffee girl in the AM...usually working on 3-4 cups before noon! I thought about going cold turkey, but with a HUGE audit coming up at work, my boss forbid me!!! She said she needed happy, productive Hokie Girl, NOT grumpy STELLA!!!!

2 - do the laundry. Don't laugh. This would be extremely hard for me, ya know, since my laundry skills pretty much consist of throwing dirtys in the hamper!!! I occassionaly will put water, soap and items into the machine....and that's ALL folks! Hubby does it...I'm spoiled...so what! So, I could take on that daunting task, because it would be difficult for me....either that, or we'd run out of things in a couple weeks!

3 - Stop biting my nails. Nervous habit, it sucks, I know. I CAN and HAVE grown them out and they do look fabulous!!! But, I just get in a zone and don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes!!! So, that would be hard....think I might try this one anyway....hmmmm?

4 - A goal of exercising 5 times a week. I'm at the gym about 3 times as it is, but this would push me! I would HAVE to make time for it.

5 - Not spending extra money......besides on the necessities! I've done this before in college and it was hard! Now, I'm more frugal anyway, so I'm not sure if its the best one. I also don't splurge on coffee out a lot - just every once in a while!

Any suggestions? I'm kind of at a loss here! I want it to count, but I'm having a hard time with things that would really make a difference to my everyday!

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JR911 said...

I think you should take on the nail biting just as a health habit. Biting nails puts more germs in your mouth than you can ever imagine and it opens up the skin on your nails to infection if you happen to get too wild when you nibble!

I think you could cheat on yourself with the coffee thing....sure you may cut out a cup, but if you are using a bigger cup, that doesn't count.

Make it something that has accountability like the laundry or the gym. Those are clear goals, either you did it or you didn't.

The money thing makes sense too, but you should do this for you. This generally is a whole family thing and everyone has to be on board or it'll never work. it also lacks some accountability as what defines a necessity and what if you eat out once instead of twice...is that considered reaching your goal or does it have to be NOTHING??

Hmmmmmm...long comment, sorry!