Ok....So took Little Hauss to the Doctor Wednesday (another 1/2 day off work) but anywho, it was legit! Double Ear Infections!!! Boo! But we are now resting comfortably and sleeping soundly through the night!! I was so out of sorts getting up every hour or so to console him (poor baby) 3 nights in a row!! Good news is that he's old enough to TELL me his ears hurt! I was secretly thinking he was just pulling any stunt to crawl in bed with me in the middle of the night with the added bonus of sleep deprivation! Bad Mommy, I know! So, after a weekend of fever and a typical cold, he was fine. Back to school on Tuesday, me back to work, and all is good....notsomuch! So, off to the doctor we go after "boff my ears hurt when I lay on your pillow"!!!

While at the doctor's office, he was an angel and quite the ham (typical)! He was matter of factly telling the nurse he didn't want to take off his shirt!! Haha. I guess he remembers that from last time...no idea. But they weighed him....a whopping 48 or 49 pounds! I couldn't see the number too well before she moved it - that was with all his clothes and shoes on, but still...WOW!!! I kept him there to measure him and it was close to 43 inches (remember he did have shoes on), but WHOA!!!! I knew he was growing, but that's almost 2 inches in 5 months! I was so excited to start shopping ahead for next fall, but I guess I'll have to buy a size larger than I first thought. At this rate, he's going to be taller than me by age 5!
Other than the size, hence his name, he was quite the conversationalist...no surprise there...have you met his mother? haha! But, even the doctor was very impressed!!!

So, a few other things he's been saying and doing! He winks! His daddy taught him that one! And he shrugs his shoulders! Too cute. He's saying things like, "you make me nuts" or "oh my gracious"!!! I don't know if he's putting two sayings together or not because I really can't recall either of us saying these. He's super duper independent...getting his own drinks and snacks. Helps feed the dogs, "helps" with the fire - puts gloves on and gets small sticks, reads us stories (this is one of my favorites), and just is getting so grown up. I don't think I can handle this!!!!

Oh, and a side note: I decided on Laundry! Hubby is thrilled beyond words....however, I think in the process I might give up dishes! ha!


Tiffany and Jamie: said...

I can only imagine that doctors visit. He makes me laugh :) :) Glad he's getting better.

JR911 said...

Your little Hauss sounds like a cutie pie. I can't wait to meet him!