I can smell the salty air!

I LOVE the beach. I love the smell of the salt air, the sand between my toes, the sound of the ocean, and a nice cold beer to go along with all of that while reading a trashy book!

So, I've already got THREE trips planned to the beach. They are only long weekends, but still, its the beach! TWO of them are just me and girlfriends!!! They are in April, June and August! I'm hoping that I can squeeze one or two more long weekends in there somewhere! We'll see! Hubby is all for it, so I'm gonna work on it!

It works out well for me that my in-laws own a condo so a place is not hard to come by!!! I just love to take Little Hauss there at least once or twice a year to let him enjoy what I love so much! AND my father-in-law has a boat, so that makes it super fun when we go with them!

I vow to get SOME Christmas shopping done while I am there. I say this every year, and manage to buy nothing for anyone else but myself or Little Hauss, but I've already got some ideas, so I am hoping to take advantage of the outlets! Remember I'm a planner.....don't judge!

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