Tech Savvy

I love my technology, I really do! Hubby thinks I'm narotic about my laptop, but I love my online time. I'm actually trying to cut back. Wow, that sounds so bad! Like I'm a crackhead! Oh well, it kind of is like my little addiction and soooooooo much better than a crackhead!!!! I'm just pointing that out!

With that said, I love my facebook too! I love to catch up with friends, mostly the photos they post of their kids and such! Its a great tool to rekindle a long lost friendship or just keep in touch with grade school friends, college buddies, etc.

Here's what I don't like. I am missing the personalization. I write on others walls and comment on photos, but I long for a good old fashioned E-mail! That's sounds so crazy. A written letter must be ancient times I guess if I'm referring to an E-mail as old fashioned! I mean, I don't deny that I am just as interested in what SusieQ wrote on Johnny's wall, but if its something fairly personal or even not, I just sometimes want the privacy of a conversation between two friends. I just miss it! Do you?

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JR911 said...

I agree. I like an e-mail to just me....makes me feel special. Posts on a "wall" sound like those mass letters people send with their Christmas cards. I hate those stinkin' letters!