Betty Crocker

I'm not sure if I've said it, but I'm not a baker. I cook. There is a huge difference! Now, I still attempt to bake every now and then. I will not give up!
So, yesterday was one of those days. I made blueberry muffins....from scratch! Really, not that hard but I made a mess of flour and sugar and all that baking stuff and had about a kazillion dishes to prove it!
I just found a recipe via google....my favorite! It was a blueberry muffin with struesel topping. YUM! I had all said ingredients and started mixing. I did everything the way it said. I pulled them out of the oven and bam, sunk in centers and struesel topping spread out over the entire top of my muffin pan! Well, they were delish! Just not very appealing! I'm pretty sure next time,because I don't give up and will make them again attitude of mine, I will maybe use less of the topping. OR might leave it off completely.

Side note: I did make a chicken pot pie for hubby and my parents last night that was to die for!! AND I even embelished with heart shaped cutouts in the crust! That was appealing and yummy! Can't wait to have leftovers for lunch today!

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kelly bee said...

Thanks for your comment about the swimming! I've been working hard. In September I started back and could do about 1600. It's just bc my stroke is really efficient though! I was terrible...stopping at each end. Glad to hear someone else loves it. I think I could swim all day now. Which means that I have to challenge myself to swim FAST instead of piddling along. Keep going!!