Stir Crazy, Cabin Fever...whatever, I'm over it!

The snow. I can't stand it. If I want to be lazy and bestuck in the house all weekend, its because I choose to! I have had a few laid back weekends lately, but all by my doing. I don't like being forced to stay in! Sure, there has been laundry, reading, playing, movie watching, and eating of soup, but enough is enough. I just need out! Hubby was feeling it today too and went to Walmart! WooHoo, then picked up a few movies (which we've already watched today). I don't necessarily want to work tomorrow, but I'll be happy to atleast have a change of scenery. I'm sure my arse will appreciate a new seat!

Now, tecnically I could leave the house now if I really wanted, but then I'd have to warm up the car, get dressed in real clothes (I've been going from pjs to pjs since Friday night - don't judge) and not to mention get LH all bundled up then we could go somewhere...but where? Most places are already closed and we are not trying to spend money eating out. If hubby weren't taking his Sunday night nap before work, I'd actually contemplate taking a family drive around town.

I'm so ready for flip flops and warmer weather! BUT, just found out that we might not be out of the winter storm season yet. Supposedly, there could be another front coming in next weekend too! Bummer!

At least I got to drink a cup of coffee this morning! It was delish. I hope this is something that will stick around!

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