Hokie Hoops

We enjoyed our first Virginia Tech basketball game last night as a family! A great friend of mine is the head trainer and hooked us up with tickets so we could take LH! We also got to sit with my friend's dad, Mr. H! We had a blast. LH sat there the entire time and was very engaged! I think he enjoys it a little more than football, but shhhhh! don't tell his daddy that!!!

He was fascinated with the Hokie Bird and would try to find him all evening. Imagine his surprise when the bird came up in the stands and even posed for a moment with our LH!!! Look at the sheer joy on his face!!! Bliss!

He and his daddy enjoying the game!

Ok, most would think this is just a picture of the court, but really, there is a lady on a unicycle down there balancing all these bowls on her head - she would put 5 or so on her foot then toss them up to her head and catch them!!! Amazing! LH was mesmerized!! We all were!

Mommy and LH - so much fun!

And this was LH when it got really loud - which is ironic since he only has two volumes for himself - LOUD and LOUDER!!!

Overall it was a great night! We went up early to have dinner with some of our good friends and came to the conclusion that we should do that more often! I mean, its only about 20 mins away - there should be no excuse!
At the game, LH loved the cheerleaders and the Hi Techs (dance team). They were entertaining the whole time. One time he asked me where their shirts were? Huh? I said, those are their shirts which he replied with - those are tiny! Yes, they are, but one day you'll appreciate it - I'm sure of it!!!

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Tiffany and Jamie said...

haha, he is just too funny with his comments about the Hi-Techs! I wish we lived closer so we could go to games. Can't ever get tickets to the UNC games here!