New Shirt!

I have on a new shirt. It's borrowed from a great friend with great taste! I love this shirt and might not give it back anytime soon. Actually, said friend just had a baby girl about a week ago, so she's ok with me keeping it for a while. Also, the shirt is baby body friendly. I have some room to "grow" a bit and this makes me happy!

Why did I get a new shirt you ask? Well, funny, but worth it (did I mention I really like this shirt). Thanks to a sweet little 2 month old, Jackson, I aquired it! Sweet baby Jackson was born premie and is on a special formula because of this. This formula is calorie loaded and really good for him. I'm really happy about that....because as small as he was, he's got cute little cheeks now and is a growing boy. Backlash of the formula is that its a little smelly and apparently mixed with his acid reflux (part of being a preemie I'm told) is not a great combo. Jackson's sweet mommy is in town visiting the other friend with the one week old baby girl, Kylie, and left Jackson at the house to go pick up lunch. Well, not knowing the full range of his "spitting up", I eagerly picked him up out of his bouncy seat to cuddle him. We cuddled about a second and then BAM, it hit me. Literally, projectile spit up all over me - hardly any on him. I had it on my shirt, shoes, and on the floor. I cleaned him up and me as best as I could. His mommy came back and was very sorry for the incident, but in a way, I'm kind of excited about it - my new shirt!

I've been around a lot of babies. I have never seen such a little thing produce so much!!! It was actually impressive, but I hope that this one I have doesn't want to participate in that sport! It doesn't seem fun to deal with on a regular basis!

I informed him that this was not the best way to pick up the ladies. First impressions are everything right?

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JR911 said...

So....are you going to post a pic of this cute shirt??