Back up Plans

This weekend, we have plans. It is the first weekend in about a month that we actually have scheduled things to do. I've been enjoying the laziness of the weekends and not having to go anywhere, but this weekend we were ready! The circus is in town! I took Little Hauss last year and he loved it. We only stayed for half of it because it was so late, but he was mesmerized! I was hoping that we'd be able to go this weekend and he could last for the whole show. I'm not even sure if we'll make it!

They are calling for more snow! MORE???? I've had enough this year. Plenty. I'm ready for sunshine and flip flops! We are predicted to get about 3-8 inches. It is supposed to start tomorow afternoon and get heavier overnight tapering off on Saturday afternoon. LH is so excited about the circus he keeps asking if its Friday yet! We had to level with him and make sure he understood that it could possibly snow and we might not go. He then asks how our friends will get to our house for dinner (we were going to have them over before to eat and then all go to the circus together). So cute. I have been trying to get him to understand that they might not be able to depending on the snow. Its a play it by ear situation, which he is completely unaware of what that means.

So, our back up plan is to have an indoor picnic and watch movies. We will try to make it fun for him and make him forget that there was even a circus to go to!

I'm still holding out hope that we will get to go and the snow will be minimal until later on in the night!

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