Muscle Car?

I love the Ford Mustang. I have always liked it, but I prefer the older models.
I saw this particular model the other day while I was driving and I couldn't help but think that they've ruined it! First of all, the screaming bright turquoise is just too much and then to add the fat stripe all the way over the car is ugly. A younger guy was driving it - about 18 maybe - and I thought really? Ddo you have a girlfriend? Are you trying to get one? If you are working on it, I'm not sure that this will help, and if you already have one, how does she feel riding around in that?
I think the car itself is great. Sporty, classic, a typical "muscle car"! BUT, with this color and that obnoxious stripe, it kinda of spoils the whole thing. I hope that he plans on driving it forever or investing in a paint job because I'm not sure the resell value will be what he's hoping for!

Maybe he's a huge fan of the Fast and the Furious movies....Who knows!

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KathyGale said...

I love the older mustangs too. this is a bit freaky looking. I see what you mean. I read the comment and pictured it in my mind before peeking, and its way worse than I thought. Haha..