Best. Weekend. Ever.

Hands down one of my favorites so far.
We did absolutely nothing. After my 12 hr sleeping spell on Friday night I would have thought I had more energy to get up and get moving over the weekend for some fun family activities, but nah, I just got geared up for some cuddly couch time!
It was so nice not having anywhere to be or anything to do. We were on our own lazy schedule and just lounged and napped at our leisure! It was fabulous! I did manage to get all the laundry put away, sheets changed, dishes done and vacuumed. It practically took me all day to do it, but it got done. I took some Facebook and tv breaks in between while LH played the Wii. I even made lasagna for dinner and stayed up past 10pm!
Today I actually left the house for the first time all weekend....only because I didn't want to cook breakfast! We ventured out for some pancakes and sausage and then stopped by Redbox to get a couple of movies for the afternoon! It really is bitter cold and no one should go out unless absolutely necessary. I couldn't wait to be back home snuggled in under the blankets! Brrrrr.
So, now its nearing dinner time and I'm in my pjs (a fresh pair) watching LH play the Wii again, and loving that I have a lot of leftovers and won't have to cook!!!
Too bad I don't have one more day....I just want one more....
Leaving the house will be difficult tomorrow morning I'm sure, but being well rested, I'm sure I can do it.

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