Is there even a word for it?

There are many disorders, sicknesses, etc for the most random things, like the fear of characters/mascots is Masklophobia and the fear of garlic is Alliumphobia. Well my word is Ochophobia - the fear of vehicles but most importantly ONE vehicle in particular - a MINIVAN!

Really, I almost got physically ill just browsing them on the internet.

You are probably wondering why I'm browsing a minivan anyway, and you might be correct if you are guessing that we are going to have a baby!!!!!!!!

We are not terribly far along, but I feel like the whole world knows already, so I might as well blog about it! We are super excited and I feel great....with the exception of disliking coffee at the moment! I really hope this one goes away! Coke seems to be a great substitute for now, but I really miss my morning java!

So, back to minivan purusing. I can barely think about it without reaching for the trashcan! Ugghh! It's not like I HAVE to have a minivan, but the next few years flashed before my eyes, and I am thinking that my little Subaru Impreza isn't going to cut it with 2 kids and all the gear that goes with them to boot! PLUS, Hubby is a whopping 6'1", so he'd be cramped in either seat with a child behind him. NOW, I could make it work if I had to. Afterall, we do have a 4 door full size truck as well, but I was more concerned with other passengers! What about when LH want to have a friend over after school to play? Or my parents are in town or we are visiting them and we all want to ride together? Or if I decide to carpool with my friend who has 2 kids going to elementary school with LH? Then what? I have not ruled out the possibility of an SUV or SUV crossover with a 3rd row, but really, how much room do you really get in those? More and more, its pointing to the inevitable! I am just not ready to face it! BUT it really does seem like the most practical plan for the future!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

It is the most practical! And really, don't be so dramatic :) :) You will LOVE the minivan once you get one. I felt the same way as you did but now that we have ours, I can't imagine not having one. It makes life so much easier!!!!! Or look at it this way...just be proud of the fact that you are a mom and about to have 2 kids where you need to have a minivan!!! You're very lucky! Love you!

Emily said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!!! So excited for you!!!

Andrea said...

Congrats Jenny!! Yeah for another addition to your family!

kelly bee said...

Hooray! A baby!! Thrilled for you!

OK, the van. We have a Honda Odyssey and an Acura MDX. Both have a third row. The MDX is much prettier, cooler, more fun to drive, etc, etc. BUT, it feels like the kids are crammed in and it is so hard to actually get into the 3rd row. It's similar to the Pilot, I think. The Odyssey is so uncool, drives like a living room, and is just downright ginormous. BUT, you barely know the kids are in there. The DVD player is AWESOME and the third row is so easy to hop into. The sliding doors are fabulous and the kids LOVE it.

Just go for it. Get one, puke, recover, and move on happily. :)

Jamison Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are making due with our 4 door for now..if and that's a big if there is another one we will have to get something else but Ben has a bet with a friend so it won't be a minivan for us...probably a crossover.