Gotta get me one of these.....

Ohhhhh Baby!!! I just fell in love with another little man tonight - Warren Michael. He's precious! 5 weeks of a bundle of joy! Teeny Tiny thing though. At five weeks, Little Hauss was a sack of potatoes. I'm pretty sure Little Hauss weighed more at birth than Little Warren does now! The only thing I would change - his shirt!!! Haha! Go Hokies!

Perfect Fit? Really, we need to do something about my empty arms!

One of my bestest friends from college! She's a sweetie and crazy and will be a wonderfully nutty mommy! They will have lots of laughs and I can't wait to see this little guy grow up! Too bad they live in Knoxville! I guess I will just have to swing by on my way to GA or Chattanooga!

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