Shakin' Things Up Around Here

We were awakeded by our house litterally trembling around 4 am. At the time, Hubby, jumped up, got his gun and checked the house! Of course there was nothing....I'm not sure what he thought happened. Maybe he thought someone was trying to bulldoze the house down and he was gonna shoot em' up! Not sure if he could've won that battle, but he would get an "A" for effort! Little Hauss would call that brave. I call it crazy - not really. He is just a good protector of his family

So, we mumbled something about a low flying helicopter or plane or the attic fan shutting off! I was fairly certain that those were not the causes, but I obviously wasn't worried, because I fell right back asleep!

Only until I checked FB did I realize that it was an EARTHQUAKE!!!! Are you kidding me? It was a 2.6 magnitude tremor!!! Yes, I get all my news from FB, don't you? I mean, that and my morning radio show pretty much keep me updated on all important local news! Haha!

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