Best Compliment Ever...

Ok, we all know that our kid(s) are the cutest ever, and that no other kid will ever be cuter or more lovable than our own, but it is so nice to hear that from others.

We all went on a walk yesterday evening and Little Hauss rode his bike (with new camo helmet). He was just chatting it up with all the other trail walkers, dogs, and of course flashing that melt your heart grin at all the ladies - no matter the age! We passed one lady who was running a few times - the trail is only about a mile each way! She of course waved and smiled and said her hellos to us and Little Hauss every time, but once, when he was pretty far in front of us, and we couldn't hear their conversation, she zooms by and tells us the only way he'd be any better is if he was a TWIN!!! Now, that's a compliment!

Ahhh, be still my heart!

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JR911 said...

I can't wait to meet this little charmer!