I know, I know!

I've been a horrible blogger this past week...sorry! Lots going on and just exhausted. My allergies, which just appeared about a year ago (thanks for that!) are wearing me out and I've been in bed by 10 every night!

Not very good excuses,I know....the best excuse I have is that I've actually had tons of work to do! I have barely been able to change my status on FB, let alone post something on here! I mean really, they expect me to WORK at work? Ridiculous I know!

So, I found the last ingredient for my detergent, but you guessed it, haven't had time to make it yet!!! Promise, next week! A friend did make it though and even fabric softener! I'll post the recipes to both on here soon!

The other day, I asked Little Hauss how school was going and he said "I made a jewelry box and necklace for you, but shhhhhhh, it's a secret!" I had to control my stints of laughter but it was the cutest thing ever!

We are heading to Richmond tomorrow for a reception of Hubby's college buddies. The wedding was in TX about a month or so ago and now they are having a party for all the East coast people that couldn't attend! We are riding with another family and they have a little girl about Little Hauss's age, so I'm thankful for that! The ride alone could either be bliss or crazy as all get out if those two aren't happy! But, don't feel sorry for us, we're used to it. Feel sorry for the other college buddy who's riding with us all!!!! So with all that has been going on, I haven't done anything for the trip....I know it's only a night, but I'm usally packed and ready to go by now! Hell, I almost forgot about the dogs! Really, I'm losing it!

I ran around all day and feel like I've accomplised absolutely nothing. I didn't have a list! That was the first mistake....I was too tired to write one last night. So, I ran back and forth all over town running errands that could have been easily reduced to a measely hour or so if I had just given a little thought into where I was going. I had to come back to the house twice for things I forgot!

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