Off the deep end.....

Ok, I know you think I'm a nut, and I'm ok with that, because I just figured out a way to save bunches on my car insuarnce....not, but that was starting to sound like a Geiko commercial in my head! So, I did find a way to save some money - lots of money actually! On laundry detergent - by making my own!!!!!

I'm on mission to find one ingredient then it's all about some homemade "tide". It is a liquid detergent, which I prefer and is made from Borax, Washing soda and something called fels naptha soap, which is turning into a pain to find locally. They do sell it at Ace Hardware stores, but in cases of 24!!! I only need about 1/3 of the bar per batch of detergent! I have found some online retailers for cheap, but not sure its worth the shipping. I am going to see if any of my thrifty friends want to split a case, because it ends up being about $0.77/bar, AND they will ship the order to your local store for FREE!

I've heard the detergent works great and can be used in hot and cold cycles, but probably need to pre treat stains just like you normally would. The friend that turned me onto this said her friend has spent about $14 in TWO years by making her own detergent! That's less than ONE big container of the brands you buy in the store!

I'll post the recipe later....for now, I need to retrieve my child and whip up something for dinner before I head out with some friends for the evening!

And, I'll just say what you all are thinking - I've turned into one of "those" people....ya know, the tree hugger hippy types - but I'm totally ok with it!


Emily said...

I googled the soap and found the same online retailers but you're right, the shipping really bumps it up! Let me know if you find any more takers to split a case. I'd be willing! I'm so glad someone else is thrifty :) Thanks!

JR911 said...

Let me know more info and I might be up for splitting a case. I'd love to save on something like this. Maybe I can even use all of my old detergent bottles that I normally recyle!!!

Can't wait to see the recipe and the cost per batch.

Kim said...

Hey. Give me the scoop too. Detergent is sooooo expensive. I would love to try this.