Hubby does laundry, we've determined that!

Hubby sees hole in crotch of my black dress pants.

Hubby hangs up said pants, puts up in my closet.

Hokie Girl puts on said pants yesterday and goes to work.

Hokie Girl sits in chair in co-worker's office and flashes co-worker with pink panties!

Hokie Girl doesn't go home to change because it can be hidden if careful and discreet!

Hokie Girl goes home, tells hubby there is a hole in pants and hubby says he knows beacuse he saw it when he did the laundry.

Hokie Girl goes nuts!

Hubby said he forgot about it!

Hokie Girl will double check all garments before wearing from now on!

Hubby will still do laundry.

Hokie Girl wasn't that upset about it that it would result in full time laundry duty! If you thought that, you don't know me that well!


Kim said...

At least you didn't go Brittany Spears that day!!!

JR911 said...

Hey, I bet you LIKED showing off your VS pink undies! I wouldn't complain too much either....not doing the laundry is worth it. HEY....wait a minute....I thought YOU were taking over the laundry now???????

Hokie Girl said...

JR, I only did it for the 40 days of Lent!!!!!