All stitched up

My pants that is! My wonderful mother-in-law stitched up my pants for me last night. Hubby offered to do it and I declined. I wasn't sure how that would turn out. Not saying that he wouldn't do a good job, but since I "bashed" him on my blog (exact words he told Little Hauss), then I was a tad bit nervous to relinquish my hole-y pants to him!

I have another test coming up. This is the last test (as far as the content, but it might take more than one go to pass it!) I'm a hot mess! I am cranky and foul. Things are just flying out of my mouth (well, this one isn't really all that new, but some of the things I'm saying are just, well, let's just say if you need a seat in hell, I'll save one for you)! Hubby doesn't know what to do or say. Nothing is right, even when its right! I just don't like it. I don't like that I'm acting this way. I don't like that I can't remember all this stuff that I need to remember for this test. I don't like that I am already a busy bee and fitting this in is driving me crazy.

On a good note, Little Hauss is keeping me sane with his sweet self. He's got the best personality. He sings to us and tells us jokes and totally tells us like it is sometimes. He picks up things quick (which we need to start watching how we say things)!!! He's got a hint of sarcasim that most of the time is cute, but we really need to nip in the bud. He makes me smile, laugh and feel so loved. I guess that'll be what will gets me through this funk!

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