Big Fish

My little minnow has graduated into a big fish! The pool is open and we've already been in the water more than we've been out of it....well, he's been in it - I just sat in my chair and watched him! He knew not to even ask.....such a smart boy that one. I think I'll keep him!

Yesterday due to chilly water temps, I took the lazy way out and let him wear the arm floaties. He didn't seem to care and probably lasted longer becuase of the "help". Today we went to a friends house and the pool was heated, so I got in and made him really swim. We only lasted about an hour and a half! He was working so hard, he wore himself out! He's so good though and with no lessons, I'm so proud of him! He's just a natural water baby! A few more weeks of this, and he'll be on his own I'm sure!

Tonight, my brother, his girlfriend, my parents, and me are taking him to see his first movie! We are going to Monsters vs. Aliens 3D! I just hope we make it through the entire thing! I guess I'll have to sneak some good snacks in there for him so he'll be content.....I'm sure we'll have to try out the popcorn too!!! YUMMY!

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