It's only money....

I'm seriously considering paying the $45 to reschedule my test. It is scheduled for this Saturday and I don't feel comfortable with it AT ALL. I'm weighing my options.

Original Test Fee - $130 (non refundable and way past the partial refund date)
Reschedule for July 25- $45


Take test this Saturday and schedule to take it again on July 25 - $80

Seriously I feel sick to my stomach.....I bet I've got an ulcer forming in there as we speak!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

I'd reschedule if I were you!

JR911 said...

Go ahead and take the plunge....if you DO pass the test, you will have it over and done with and won't need to pay the $80 retest fee. If you don't pass it (which I doubt), you'll only be out the additional $35 ($80-$45), right?

You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hokie Girl said...

I'm taking the test. At least I'll be able to see what its all about and get a feel for it. Even if I have to take it again, it'll be about $210 for 2 tests instead of $175 for one!