Monday Madness!

Well, I was all gung ho about walking during my lunch break and getting in some much needed exercise, but who turned up the heat? Whoa! Then it was mentioned to me to use the dusty treadmill in our back room instead of huffing it outside....smart girl that one!

So, I changed and got on the treadmill (it even has a built in fan) and started walking, staring at the wall because I was not prepared for this. If I had thought ahead, I would have stolen a gossip mag from the bathroom stash before Hubby realized it was missing so I could keep myself entertained and brought my mp3 player. Well, didn't really matter anyway, because 1/2 mile into it I moved that clip thing that was attached to the emergency safety stop thing and it cut off! I tried for about 2-3 minutes to get the dang thing turned back on, but to no avail.....so, I decided to trek it outside for a while to finish what I started. NOT AGAIN!

Reasons why I won't be walking during lunch:

I have to change
I sweat - A LOT
It's too hot
I have to change back into work clothes
I sweat - A LOT
My hair "curls" or whatever you want to call it
and I sweat - A LOT

I've been back inside for about 30 minutes or more and my head is still sweaty....hair all yuckified - not pretty! So, from now on, if I can't get the treadmill to turn on, then I guess I'll just have to walk at night.

Oh, and I had left over salmon for lunch....at least the stinch of fish covered up my workout stink....I'm sure the girls would tell me if I was too foul - because if not, then they just aren't as good of friends as I thought!


JR911 said...

I completely understand...try adding into that mess getting out of 4 secure jail doors and you have a good excuse to use the treadmill instead of the great outdoors. I have even gotten so bored with my mp3 player that I hook up the kids' portable DVD player and watch it while I am running at lunch!

Hokie Girl said...

JR, great idea about the dvd player.....I could probably watch a whole movie throughout the week!!! You are a genious! =)

Kim said...

We get a 15 minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon. Some of the girls here walk around the block. They are so good. Sometimes I see them walking while I'm in someone else's office talking. hee heeeee