Free At Last

He's gone. By my calculations, he'll be napping soon if not already! We wore his little butt out before he left!

He swam for over an hour and a half last night at the "big" pool and showed off his new diving skills as well as jumping off the big diving board for the first time (not to be confused with the high dive, but just a springier, taller board than he's used to). All this was after a birthday party at school with cupcakes! After listening to his ramblings and watching him just bounce off the walls, we asked him what kind of cupcake he had - um, brown, with brown topping! Caffeine OVERLOAD! He's good with sugar, notsomuch with chocolate! Good thing we found out before the pool - helped us make up our minds how long we would stay - as long as it took to wear him out!

Gigi was in luck too because today was "swim" day at school! They were swimming from 9-10:30, so she picked him up after that! He should be an angel for the ride down!

I can't believe he'll be gone for a week! We are excited for the time to ourselves, but we'll miss him! I'm pretty sure I'll keep myself busy enough the time will just fly by!