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I know it has been too long...I apologize! We are just having so much fun lately! M&M is growing up and such a big girl now. Eating real food, trying really hard to sit up and her new favorite - motormouth! It's really sweet until she's in the middle of eating and spits all over you!!! LH is getting ready to celebrate his 100th day in school! Apparently it's a big deal in Kindergarten! Also, he will get to have his first Carnival in March. I'm actually working very hard on the planning...maybe a little too hard! I'm afraid if I keep helping so much the first year, I'll be the chairperson by 2nd grade!
I've decided to make my own baby food for the most part and it is so much fun! I found a great website that gives great tips on recipes and how to cook, puree, store, freeze and reheat all the food for all the stages. It is surprising easy! I just made some last night while I was cooking dinner, so it really wasn't any extra effort. I made butternut squash, sweet potato, and applesauce. I couldn't believe how much food I got from just a few vegetables and fruit. I put the squash in ice trays then froze it-it made 3 full trays! Then I got at least a cup and a half of sweet potatoes from one potato and about a cup of applesauce from 2 small apples!!
She LOVES it. She's been really enjoying eating "real" food. She gobbles it up and it really is helping her sleep through the night! We are on the 4th straight night of her sleeping from about 8 to 5!!! Its been amazing! However, I am not! I wonder how long it will take me to stop waking up every few hours to check on her!!!
I'll post pics soon...promise!!! The "cheeks" are amazing!

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Jamison Family said...

So glad you all are doing well. I still check on Andrew at lease three times after I put him to bed!