Kiddin' Around

So much fun last weekend. I want to go back...well, I didn't really want to leave!
The kids were wonderful and had so much fun! They were constantly entertained between the Wii, Dsi's, board games, movies, air hockey, pool, the hot tub, and even their own skits/muscial entertainment! Of course, I captured it all!

Collaborating their Justin Beiber skit!

Playing with one of the many electronics!

Yay, a doodle pad!
Um, she still just likes chilling out watching everyone else!

Jugling act?
Hot mess but so much fun!!!! If it can be thrown, it will be, no matter if it's meant to be!

Hanging out in the hot tub! One of the highlights for them!

My chunky monkey! -the one in the diaper that is!

This is what we looked like all weekend....it was fabulous!

Our attempt at an outting! There was a 2 hour wait for TICKETS alone on the tram then another hour to actually get on it, not to mention a long wait to get back down, so we opted for lunch and then went back to the cabin!

And a board game....lounging in pjs! Did I mention it was wonderful????

Taking in a movie!

A game of air hockey!

Again, the outting that wasn't really...
Just hanging out trying to figure out what to do!

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