Snow Delay?

I have had way too much faith in the local weather people lately. I guess when they get it right a few times in a row, one starts to actually believe what they are saying. Well, I should have known it wouldn't last forever.

Now, I'm not being a hypocrite per se, but I really was wanting snow. Not for the fun of it, but for a day off. I am purely exhausted. M&M is making me insane. If she wasn't so darn stinkin' cute, I would probably be more upset about her waking me up all hours of the night.
If anything, this was one thing I didn't have to worry about with LH. He slept through the night around 10 weeks. She's still waking up at least once but lately, its been more.
I just wanted an excuse to rest. I feel guilty taking a day off.
They were calling for inches upon inches. My parents got dumped on in Atlanta yesterday and the whole city shut down, so I just figured we would get it too! Well, we got a dusting, but the schools were still 2 hours late. I guess because temps are so low they were concerned with freezing and such, but I was happy! I got up long enough to make a bottle, check the news, and back to bed I went. Hubby fed Miss Priss and took care of LH before I woke up at 8! It was so nice and on top of that she only woke up ONCE last night! So, I finally feel like I've actually gotten some rest!

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