WE WON!!!!!!

Victory is sooooooo sweet! Even more so when you are up against your very competetive husband! We played Taboo - girls vs. boys! It was incredibly fun. So much so, we stayed up way too late both nights. So late that by the time we were going to bed, little miss M&M was ready for her "middle of the night" feeding!
We are a tad obsessed with the game and we have another game night scheduled for this Saturday with the new version - all new words! If you haven't played, it is great.
Here is how it all went down:
Giddy with excitement over our win....and a few glasses of wine!

Uggghhh, NOT that again!!!! The boys were cringing....they knew they had been beat!
Gloating! Yes, I know that is totally inappropriate...but I rarely get the chance! Notice the sad face and head hanging in defeat???
Loser...sorry bud!

Poor thing....

Earlier in the night...when things were going well for the boys!
Yep, all smiles! They had no idea what the night would bring!

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