Down in the Holler

Ok, our house was great....log cabin, check, cozy, check, lots of ammenities (games, hot tub, theater room), check, easy access....um, not quite!
WOW....I was really scared as we turned into the driveway, if that is what you want to call it, because in the dark (when we finally arrived), it was just staring down into a pit! It was crazy!
This is the view from the road! This was the best picture I could take and as you can tell, it is straight down the side of the mountain....
And if the down in the holler, plus the steep driveway wasn't enough, this was the only staircase in the house....yep...you get dizzy just looking at it!!! Imagine, carrying pack and plays, toys, etc up and down, not to mention, kids that do NOT pay attention where they are going! Thankfully, no one was seriously injured!

Yep, that's the way in and out...notice we are stopped at the top of the "driveway" waiting our turn to get down and park. It was very strategic. One car had to get down, do a 50 point turn to face out as the other car waited. Then the second car had to park facing the house as there was no room to turn around. SO, upon leaving, the one car facing up had to leave and the second car then could "turn" around!
First night we were there a car that was staying at the house in the "middle" of the driveway (see the slats on the right side of the picture) - came down too far and had to BACK the entire way up the driveway!!!!!! I would have had a panic attack! Next time we will make sure to ask more about the way in and out of the cabin!

We are still baffled how the house was even built! And how in the world do you plow this???

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