Bomb Shelter?

So, just in case you EVER need to have a stockpile of necessities for an emergency, just call me! I'll be able to set you up with enough food to last a really really long time!

I think we might have over packed??? Our trip was just for 3 days, but we planned on being in for every meal, so we didn't want to run out of food. Believe me, we didn't and we couldn't even eat what we brought. In fact, I only went to the grocery store when we got back to pick up eggs, milk and yogurt if that tells you anything.

Our table of quick access items - fruit and snacks!

Candy, sweets, etc....

Spices, crackers and of course marshmallows for hot chocolate

More staples - peanut butter, crackers and some toddler food!

Can you tell what our priorities were? Beer, more beer, wine, champagne, and some drinks for the kids. In addition, food to feed an army for about a month! HAHA!

Our bread corner - along with more sweets....

And can't forget the junk food!

We are crazy! We know this!
But it was still fun and I would probably do the same thing the next time!

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