Single Mommyhood!

Well, it's my last night as a single mommy. Hubby's been out of town for work since Sunday morning and LH and I have been having a great time! He's been super sweet and agreeable (minus the tantrum on Sunday evening brought on by no nap and playing in the sun all afternoon) but other than that, wondeful!
He's been helping around the house getting the dog's food, taking trash out, putting away his dirty clothes, dishes, etc. He's been amazing! He's being the "Jr. Boss" as his daddy says! He wants to make sure he is taking care of his momma while his daddy was gone!
As much fun as we are having, we are ready for daddy to come back! I guess that means I'll have to start cooking again. We've been enjoying pizza and ice cream and eating in the den!!
Hopefully tomorrow we will get to plant the flowers we bought tonight at our new local Lowes and enjoy a real meal at the table as a family!

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Raising NIC said...

How cute!! He was ur lil helper! lil guys love there mamas