Green Thumb?

Could it be possible? I might actually keep some plants alive this summer?? We shall see. So far, I've bought them and they're in a pot!

I'm very excited about the pretty flowers andthey really do brighten the front porch! I just hope I can remember to keep them watered. I'm hoping that LH will be a good reminder! He's always wanting to dump water on something!

Hubby went to get me some hooks for the hanging plants because the ones in the posts were too small to hold the large hook of the basket! So, I'll have potted plants AND hanging baskets!! I hope I can keep up. I even have some herbs - well, LH and hubby did those at Easter and they are growing nicely!

I think we might even go back this weekend and get some baskets to hang over the railings on the porch!! I'm loving the way it makes everything so festive!!!

I'll take some pictures!! So much fun!

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