Cute little profile!

I got to see baby again!!!! So much fun! I got a really good picture of the profile and more than one person (not including me) has mentioned baby looks like LH!!! I'm going to try to scan in the ultrasound picture and show you.
I usually think babies take on that alienish look in the womb, but the further along I seem to be, the clearer it is and the more it looks like a real person! I just didn't get to see this much last time with LH but due to the placenta issue, I had to be checked again!!
About that - the placenta - it's still low! Not what I was hoping to hear. It did move up a smiggin....about 1 cm, but not as much as they hoped, so I get to have it checked next time as well! I am excited about seeing the baby at 29 weeks though, so that's about the best part of the situation! I'm not too excited about continuing "no activity" until then though. I did think it was completely hilarious for the doctor to say "pelvic restriction"!!!! I had to control my laughter! Thank goodness Hubby was NOT there, because he was not as entertained by those words!!! I had to call and give him the bad news after the appointment!! It still makes me giggle!
I will have a big appointment next time - ultrasound, hopefully news that the placenta is on the move and the glucose test! Good thing I don't find that repulsive like some. The sugar drink is more of a sweet soda without the fizz! The flavor this time around is fruit punch and I think I can handle it!
I did find out that this baby is more than likely going to take after its daddy and big brother! She measured the femur about 4 times!!! I asked if everything was ok and she said "uh huh"! Well, then why are you measuring the same thing over and over. She then asked how tall hubby was....um, 6'1", and LH was 23" when he was born!!!!! and now is about 47" at 4 1/2 years old! Your point? Well, her point was that the femur bone was measuring about 2 weeks AHEAD of my due date - but she just decided that it was more than likely going to be a LONG baby again!!! Great! I'm short, so tall kids are a blessing! EXCEPT when they are in your stomach!!! I sat crooked for the last month with LH because he was stuck in my rib cage!!!
I'm still on schedule for everything else and all my other stats were good. I did gain a tad more than a pound this time....I am not exactly sure how much because I didn't ask and they didn't say! Let's just keep it that way and it didn't seem to be an issue, so OK with me! I'm thinking it was around 3 or 4 - bringing my total around 8 or so! Not bad! and I feel great!!! Hope it stays that way through this hot summer!

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