Bitch Factor

Ok, so I'm not denying that I have attitude (on a normal, non-pregnant basis) but whew, throw in those extra hormones and I'm raging! This is not an everyday thing, but happens more often than not! My hubby is dealing with it beautifully! He just lets me rant/rave and nods and doesn't really say much. He knows that it will eventually just blow over and things will go back to normal (whatever that is). I heard him tell a buddy whose wife is expecting their first child to just accept the fact that he will not see his real wife for another 9 or 10 months! So sweet -giving such great advice to a newly unsuspecting soul! He's got no idea what he's in for.

Now, I will say that this time has been completely different than last. I was more laid back and just go with the flow (which is totally uncharacteristic of me anyway) so this time, its more myself - just a little accelerated! Last time, the entire situation was different - work from home part time, no other children, could rest and relax when I wanted, and just generally less to worry about. NOW, I've got more responsibilities, a job, a child, etc....its just on overload! I love it...I love being busy and working and playing with LH! I barely have time to rest. I also have other stresses like LH getting ready to start school, another child to pay for in daycare (still not sure on that one yet), working with stupid people....yes, there are a lot of stupid people out there and just having absolutely no patience for ignorance from anyone else.

So, with that said, my bitch factor is in the red. I speak my mind (freely to anyone these days), I vent, complain, rant, rave and just have no regard for your feelings. Its insane. Really, it is. I know that people say I have an excuse, but I'm not sure sometimes if this is how I honestly feel or if it is the over abundance of hormones making me do it! You know, like when you are a tad tipsy and you say things that you would never normally reveal! Maybe this is me being "drunk" and just telling the truth I've been holding in for so long. I would love to believe that it is in fact the hormones, but I'm still doubtful! The littlest things set me off - especially crap that should be over and done with but yet is brought up time after time. Or people getting their feelings hurt over what I've said or done. I really just don't care. Move on. I am.

So, when you run into me on the street and I'm growing horns, blowing smoke out of my ears and just flaming red, you'll know why. Just move outta the way!

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Kim said...

You are too funny!! At least you aren't a weepy mess like me. It seems like all I ever do is cry. And I don't think I'm a "cryer". It's insane. These hormones do crazy things!!!

At least Trav is good about it. I think Michael is still getting used to having a pregnant wife. And he hasn't learned yet just to humor me.