Lovin' the ATL

I love being in Atlanta. I don't love the drive so much, but once here, we have a great time. I think this is Hubby's favorite trip so far!!! He's played golf 2 days in a row and wasn't forced to go shopping with me and mom!!!
Pop took off work Thursday and Friday and the boys (all the boys) played 18 holes! LH is a natural Happy Gilmore! He doesn't quite get a running start, but he sure just takes a wild smack at the ball....and hits it pretty good if I do say so myself! He needs to work a bit on his focus and concentrating on lining up, but when he gets that, he should be well on his way!
I was surprised he made it the entire 18, but he did....passed out on the way home and took a good nap before dinner! Did it all over again yesterday and had no nap - we went swimming instead! I don't see how the boy does it. He's got more energy than the Energizer Bunny - not kidding! He gets a second, third and sometimes a fourth wind throughout the day. No wonder I've only gained a few pounds this pregnancy....I don't have any downtime!
I went with the boys and rode along the first few holes until Gigi came to pick me up for some girl time. We then went to get pedis and did some shopping. I finally found some cute jean capris! That was the one thing I didn't get from all of the generous friends letting me borrow maternity clothes. If I did have any from them, they didn't fit! Oh well, I'm good now.
I braved a bathing suit yesterday to take LH to the pool. I figured that was the least I could do after daddy had him for 2 full rounds of golf! It wasn't pretty, but whatcha gonna do? I didn't love the suit, but I'm sure I'll grow into it after a couple months! I am getting my other suits from a a friend in Raleigh this week! She kept the one I gave her and has another one!!! So excited that I'll have a variety! Last time, it was the same ole' suit day after day!
I realized that I desperately need some sun on my legs though....Hopefully I can work on that before pool days are here in VA. I have a couple weeks!
Nothing much else going on! So far it's been a very low key relaxing trip. We've obviously done some shopping and playing, but not the typical running ourselves ragged. We are excited about the concert tonight - Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum! Might get a little more pool time or shopping in this morning before that, but if not, hanging out is perfectly ok with us!

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