Happy Gilmore

We've got a Happy Gilmore on our hands! He doesn't quite run to hit the ball, but has a mighty big swing! He does actually hit the ball pretty well though and isn't too shabby on his putty either!
LH had so much fun on the golf course with his daddy and Pop! He looked handsome too! He did so well and is learning the rules of the course. It's a nice tool to help him calm down and learn to be quiet!
The good thing is he is free - for now. Even with his own clubs, they don't charge for him to "play". I don't know how long that will last, but hopefully a while! Between him loving sushi and now this, we're going to be broke - and that is just on top of how much he eats and how fast he's growing!!!
He's already got a date with his Papa on Wednesday for a round after preschool!
I'm really enjoying this as well. When he was on the golf course for hours with the boys, Gigi and I got some shopping done and pedicures too! So much fun!
Here are some pictures from his new hobby!

Practice swing...

Watching and waiting!

Teeing off!

Making a great putt!

Really getting into his swing!

My boys!!! Mini me and his daddy!

I even joined them for a bit!!

All the boys ready to go! Pop didn't get the yellow shirt memo!

Hot day....boys having fun!

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