We broke up...

My hairdresser and I. I think???

I haven't had a haircut in about 3 months or so. It hasn't really been a necessity and then we've been budgeting for other things, not to mention the prenatal vitamins are working their magic! I made an appointment, cancelled it. Rescheduled a week later, but my mommy brain had the wrong time and she cancelled because I was late by 10 mins and she had someone else coming in right behind me (in about 10 mins). I never actually made it to the salon, but was on my way. I asked for anything the next day, but she said it would have to be next week - I asked for the first available appointment. I got a text saying Thursday evening? I responded promptly what time? Never got a response.
I made an appointment with someone else. New! I know her and she is a good stylist, but never had her do my hair before. I've been with my hairdresser for at least 4 years. Well, I went Tuesday and loved it. Price was about the same too, so that wasn't a factor.
I got a text that night from my orignial hairdresser....."sorry I never got back to you, glad you got a haircut. hope no hard feelings. c u around."
OK....first of all, weird! I didn't really tell anyone I was going to get my hair cut, and most definitely not anyone that knew her! I did however see someone at the salon as I was leaving....who is a mutual friend (but he was there to get his haircut too....)??? Very strange, but oh well, at least she knows she messed up. I haven't decided what I want to do. I don't dislike my hairdresser at all and I obviously like my cuts, but now I'm torn....
I never responded....I guess I'll figure it out in another 3 months when I need a cut again!

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