I'm picky

I can't help it. I am picky. I change my mind - A LOT! I really don't care. I just like what I like and I'll get what I want - eventually. I have had an idea of what I wanted this baby's room to be for months. Its in my head and I'm trying my hardest to make it a reality. Its slowly but surely morphing into what I love!

Ok, here is the original fabric choices I had picked out. Yes, they are great. I love the green, but up close and personal, they didn't match. It the store (after looking at tons of choices I thought they did) but after pulling them out in different lights, it just didn't work. So, back to the store we go. I took the mother in law this time, since she will be the seamstress! We searched for a green that matched but just didn't have much luck. So, we skipped to...
This will be the bumper. The turquoise "swirl" will be on one side (outer) and the polka dot will be on the other (inside). The polka dot will also serve as the ties! First, I want a contrast against the black crib, but also, black and white is good for baby to look at!

This will be the curtains. The solid turquoise will be the long panels and the polka dots will be the tabs at the top. MIL will even make them super cute with a point and we might even embellish later with a button or something...I love that I have such a talented MIL!!!

This is the crib skirt. Notice, the black/white "stripe" is the only fabric that we kept from the original set. It will be the bulk of the skirt with the turquoise being a trim at the bottom.

Here they are all together! I love it! I am really excited about seeing it all finished and made into something beautiful!
We spent 2 hours in the fabric store!!!! Hubby couldn't believe we had been there the whole time we were gone! I'm sure he thought we snuck in some other shopping, but no, we were searching and then computing! We had measurements and I wasn't leaving until I bought everything!
I got all this fabric and thread for $84! Sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, I'm outfitting a crib and 2 windows! There is also enough that we should be able to do a pillow or something. That's a hot deal. Premade packaged bedding sets cost around $100 average without window treatments or any other accessories, so I am so lucky! My MIL sprung for the filler for the bumper pads! Thanks!!! And add on some free labor (all out of love) I know it will be the best ever!
After the baby arrives, I thought a pretty hot pink or purple could be added for a girl or some orange or green for a boy!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

I love the colors :) :)

Hokie Girl said...

Thanks...I am really excited about them! I can't wait to see it all together!