Where do I start?

Well, this is a good place.....the baby! We went last Friday to "see" the baby. Poor LH thought he was actually going to see it. He asked if it was going to pop out? Too cute, but unfortunately, not ready for that just yet! He was super excited and super good! He was beaming with big brother pride. He asked the tech every question he could. What was the gel? What is that that thing you are looking in my mommy's tummy with? What is that? - and she explained every single thing to him. She showed him everything she was looking at and thoroughly described every aspect. I know that in a busy doctor's office, they are scheduled back to back, but I really thought she did a wonderful job of slowing down and enlightening our sweet and curious 4 year old! He was just as inquisitive with the doctor. He was fascinated by the heartbeat and seeing the baby on the screen! I barely paid attention to the ultrasound because I was so engrossed in LH's reaction to the entire process. It was a special experience.
Our Baby!
Don't look Daddy! We aren't finding out the sex!

That's my baby!!!!

He was just so much fun!

Totally into the whole thing!
The funniest part of the whole appointment was when I had to "empty my bladder". He asked the tech what a bladder was and then decided he needed to go too. He went with me and was so full of wonder as to why I peed in a cup. He wanted to know if he had to pee in one too. He then asked why so I told him they did tests on it. He thought that was cool because it was like science. Daddy told me later that LH came back to the room and whispered in his ear that "mommy peed in a cup and they are going to do science on it"! Too cute!
All in all, the appointment was great. I had low BP and gained less than a pound this past month, with my total around 3.5! They measured me around 20 weeks and 5 days by ultrasound and 21 with the tape on the tummy. They didn't move up my due date, but it makes me think I might be a little further along and could have this baby in Aug (just not on my birthday)!
The doctor did say that my placenta is low. Not anything to worry about yet, but lower than they want. He was having a tough time trying to explain it to hubby and I with LH in the room. He was trying to tell us that there should be no "activity" until the next appointment. We got it, but he still pulled Hubby to the side as we were leaving the room to make sure he understood!! HA! The good thing is I get to see the baby again next time since they have to check it out!!! He thinks it will move up! We hope so too because I would really not like to think I would have a C-section.

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