Crib is UP!

I can't say enough about Walmart site to store lately. It was easy and saved money on shipping and it was FAST! A lot faster than I was ready for. I guess I just thought it would take weeks to get the crib here but it was here within 10 days! Well, of course I can't just let it sit in the box and we had to make sure all the pieces were there as well as in good shape, so we went ahead and put it together.
LH was a huge help. He even dressed up for it!! He has been a gem through all of this. I love that he is older and can completely understand the baby concept. He is excited and I know he will be a big help and a great big brother!

All dressed up! He looks like he's more ready for a camping trip than working with tools, but we'll take it! How can you not just melt when you look at his smile!
"Reading" directions!

I didn't even let hubby shower and get dressed first! Such a slave driver!

Working hard. I did help by the way, but I also had to document the moment!

Finished product. We need a matress, but are on the lookout!
It seems so real now! AND, we have a place for the baby. We are calling it the baby's room or nursery now - without hesitation!

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