More changes....

The baby's room is a little awkward! It is the end room and narrow. It has one small wall - but the door opens up to it, so not really much wall space. There are 2 windows and 2 closets! It makes it a little difficult to place the furniture. I'm not opposed to "covering" a window but since we have a ranch, we don't want the crib in front of a window as a safety measure. The only place for the crib was on the wall where the door opens. Well, we could have gone beside the one window, but this allows more space in the rest of the room. The new issue is the dresser. I used it for LH as a changing table and loved the storage, height, etc, but it is not as accomodating this time around. First of all, it would need a facelift to match the black, but that isn't hard. Second, it needs to be about 6 inches or so shorter in length!!! That's not as easy! Remember, I'm picky!!! I even tried it caddy corner and didn't love it! So, now we are on to a new search for some sort of dresser/chest that is smaller and short enough to serve as storage and a changing table. I do not want a real changing table - I just don't think it really serves much of a purpose later...this will be able to be used for a long time.

The "extra" space will be used for a chair/rocker and maybe a small table/lamp.
I just don't like it. And its not just me. The hubby is the one that suggested we look for something new! We are going to check some consignments and salvation army.
Notice the door to the right....that's one of the 2 closets!! See what I'm talking about - NO wall space!

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