What's in a name?

Well, we have our baby names picked out! And, sorry, but we are keeping them a secret..yep, I'm just being a butt! I've gotten picked on plenty about it since we did not find out the sex AND we aren't telling names....how dare I??? Hehe!

Well, we know what we like and it will be family-ish from my side. Baby girl would be all family but baby boy would have a little family and a little just because we like it!

So, we haven't discussed the names with LH on purpose! He couldn't even keep a secret that mommy had a baby in her belly for more than 2 seconds (um, so my child by the way)! So, we thought it best to just not talk about it at all. Up until recently he hasn't even asked, until last night!

He asked what we were going to call the baby? We asked him what he would like to call the baby if it were a girl - but he reminded us that we are not having a girl because that is not what he wants and so she didn't need a name! Great! Ok, so moving on...what about a boy? His response: Doofus!

Well, we are all kind of crazy, but I don't think you want to introduce yourself that way in say, um, well, ever, so we'll stick with what we have and just let him ponder what else he can call this kid!!!

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amy said...

LOL! I needed a good laugh today!!!