In Training

Well, I feel like today was a training mission for what is about to come. Gigi had my niece baby A for the day and we spent all afternoon together.

However, my training started earlier than that. Hubby and I decided to go to breakfast before LH came home from staying the night with Gigi and Pop. We also rand a couple errands around town, all of which I did withOUT a shower! Yep, I was that girl. I just thought we'd be going to breakfast and back so fast no one would notice. Well, after a trip to Lowes, the Farmer's Market and to drop some stuff off at the church, we headed home. There we proceeded to put up some laundry, clean out Hubby's work closet (which is in baby's room) and cleaned out the linen closet!

Gigi, Pop, LH and baby A came by and the boys started working on the door in the basement! It was a big project for Hubby and dad was here to help guide him along! Mom and I debated to stay at home and let the kids nap or go ahead to the pool....the pool won! As usual. I was thankful that I had neglected the shower at this point as I knew that I would be swimming soon.

The pool was great! Baby A had so much fun and despite what the weather forcast was, it was actually a great day to be outside! LH had fun too - as usual! BUT, then it gets interesting. He asked to go home...What? ok, so I thought he was just tired. He has had a busy week, stayed up late last night and was pushing through a day without a nap. I was wrong....

So, mom of the year here didn't think much of the watery eyes, peaked little face, and coughing...seriously thought it was allergies! Well, he took a bath - and said he was cold and wanted it really warm, then he wanted to take a nap! About an hour into it, he woke up screaming and crying.....saying it hurt. Well, he was talking about his throat, but he wouldn't let us look at it. He had a rash type think all over his legs and arms and some bumps on his face near his mouth...agghhhh!

I called my friend who is a physiciain's assistant and we let her take a look....we aren't sure yet, but she's pretty sure he's strep free and its some sort of virus that will just have to run its course! Great! But how horrible do I feel for trying to "cure" it with allergy meds all week and just thinking he'd been too busy!!!

He's hardly ever sick...really, has the best immune system ever!! I am still going to call the doctor's office in the am to see if I can't get an appointment just to double check everything is ok.

He's great though...ate a little for dinner, had some popsicles, drank some juice, and is now resting on the couch on his body pillow (me) and watching some movies his daddy got for him!

Now, I might get a shower before I pass out tonight...but very unlikely!

So, this was one of those days that you can't really remember where all the time went and how you managed to not take a shower!!! Got a lot of those ahead of me I guess once baby arrives!!!

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