Kindergarten Interview?

I guess that's what it is. Technically, the teacher or just "a teacher" interviewing or meeting with the child that is about to embark on the journey to Kindergarten!

Well, that was LH yesterday. Very happy and excited to go to his school and meet his teacher and see his room! BUT, that really wasn't how it all happened. He did go to "his" school, but the teacher might possibly not be "his" and they went to the "libary" not "his" classroom. All that comes later!

He "passed" with flying colors...thank goodness because what do you do if they don't "pass"? I mean there is some "test" required by the state that they throw/catch a ball and hop on one foot!!! If they don't, then do they say, ok, thanks for coming and work on that and try again next year!!! Oh well, he did fine so I guess he gets to go!!!

He was so ready to leave the house...we were waiting on his daddy to get home so we could get his bike/helmet out of the truck for bike day at preschool, but he wouldn't let me wait in the nice cool house with A/C! NO, he had to go to the car, buckle up and sit pretty in the back seat. And then he kept saying we had to go. He didn't want to be late for his meeting!!! So cute!

I did ok. Better than I expected! It was hard not to be so happy when he was so happy! BUT I think when I have to LEAVE him there on the first day, I will not be as ok! I mean, they are going to KEEP him all day!!!! and he's going to LOVE it I just know it. Me - notsomuch!

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Kasey said...

Oh the joys of Kindergarten. I have many brothers and sisters, and I am the oldest, so I seen them all grow up and go to their very first day of school (in fact the youngest one is soon to be going). My advice, bring a box of tissue, smile and be happy and encourage the lil one, then when he's outta sight the tears are gonna burst out for a little while, so take a "mommy moment". Then, as days go by, that temporary goodbye becomes much easier. Hope that helps, lol.

Oh, and by the way, Love your blog!