Speak now or.....

What? I have no idea what to do in a situation like this.

I got an interview for the position I applied for - the one I hadn't heard back from so just assumed I didn't get. It just took them a few weeks to weed through applications and schedule interviews. Fine. I have one this morning. I've got my most slimming black dress on - haha! There isn't much use in trying to hide almost 8 months of belly!

So, here's my dilema. I was in this same situation last go around. Weird I know, but then Ididn't say anything about the baby. I regret that now. I wish I would have been up front with them about the obvious bulge and told them I would be willing to come back to work as soon as possible and it wouldn't interfere with anything. Big Mistake! NOW, technically and legally that is NOT the reason I didn't get the job, but I'm fairly certain I was a prime candidate!! - I was their #2 choice!!! It was a job I've always wanted and have attempted to get a few times...that was the closest ever. Moving on though.

Present day, baby belly front and center...what to do? Work it into the convo? Leave it be? In my mind I've done some "calculations" and with interviews today and tomorrow, give a week to make an offer/decision, plus 2 weeks notice, it would be end of July or very first of Aug for a start date, which would leave me about 3-4 weeks to work, then take off for 8 ????? You know that stuff is in the back of their minds too. Even though it shouldn't be a deciding factor. Then you think about this - I'll have doctor's appts every week, so time off, and after baby there will be checkups, etc. Hmmmm, its a gamble. We'll just see what happens!

For now, I think I'll let the belly speak for itself and just go from there. I don't want to compromise my time off afterwards for a job (i.e. willing to take a shorter leave just to come back to work or something like that).

Wish me luck!

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