Planning to plan...

Now, you all know I'm a planner - I plan to plan my brother says! He's shocked I could hold out finding out the sex of this baby because I usually would need to plan for whatever it is. Good think I knew what I wanted and didn't need to know the sex!

I'm planning other things now. I guess you could say I'm nesting. I'm on a roll at work and we are also getting lots done at the house. I feel like its more work to prepare to leave then leaving itself. I know things will be fine when I'm gone but we have a huge audit 15 days after I get back, soooooooo, I'm really planning for that! My co-worker and I have the same job, but two totally different areas so she will be filling in for me to make sure all of this runs smoothly while I'm gone. I'm trying to "guide" her through everything she will need to do during my maternity leave.

I made a list for Hubby. He asked for it. It's a big list. It has baby stuff and just other house related stuff on it that doesn't really have to be done before baby, but we need to work on nonetheless. He's making great progress! He's painted the changing table and we've put new knobs on it. It looks amazing!!! We just need a shelf and closet rod and we're pretty much set in there. Some of the other stuff is minor, like tighten the toilet seat, fix the towel rod in bathroom, give house a good cleaning (baseboards, etc), fix the squeaky doors, but other stuff will take some time like put up new mirror and light fixtures in bathroom, work on yard (will have to wait until we get some relief of the heat), and work on basement/tools! These are things that have been on our "mental" list for some time, but we just have it all written down now to check off when we get them done! He also has some painting projects when he has the time!!

As for the "nesting" part at home, I've now cleaned out every closet (except mine), cabinets, and started washing teeny tiny baby clothes! I have bottles, bibs, spoons, etc in the kitchen as well as all the big necessities ready to use! We are as ready as we can be at this point!!!

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